Discover an Incredible Kenya on a Guided Kenya Safari Tour

The East African Country- Kenya is considered as one of the best luxury safari destinations in the world. Here you will experience cultural variety and enjoy better game viewing. The vast expanses of wilderness and an unrivaled freedom to explore attracts every safari goer. Apart from being known as an exotic destination, Kenya boasts of scenic natural beauty, wild rolling hills, open plains, lakes, rivers, white sandy beaches and mountains.

Are you planning for an exciting Kenya safari holiday trip? Do you want to have the utmost fun and enjoyment while exploring the fascinating destinations in Kenya? Then here are some top places, which you can explore on a safari trip to enjoy and discover an incredible Kenya in a convenient way:

Kenya Safari

#1- Impressive Mount Kenya:
Located in the heart of central Kenya, Mount Kenya is the most iconic and popular attractions. This mountain has several routes, which makes it relatively easy to hike and enjoy a challenging climb (accompanied by trained and capable guides. This mountain is an ancient volcano, which has jagged peaks, incredible chasms and waterfalls across its surface. Mount Kenya offers incredible views of its varied geological formations, glaciers and diverse vegetation. At the Mount Kenya National Park, you will witness unusual and rare species of wildlife like water buck, Tree Hyrax, monkey, baboons, elephant, rhino and buffalo.

#2- Spectacular The Great Rift Valley:
This is a spectacular geological wonder, which encompasses a wealth of Kenyan attractions. The Great Rift Valley is a home to around 12 volcanoes and 7 lakes, which will leave you thrilled. Here you will find a great concentration of game reserves and national parks like Lake Nakuru National Park (where you can spot the fabulous pink hued flamingos.

#3- The Amboseli National Park (Land of the Giants):
At the Amboseli National Park, you will come face to face with the largest land animal, the African Elephant. It will prove to be a great sight to witness the giant elephants leisurely grazing on the plains with scenic views of Mount Kilimanjaro in the backdrop. The tranquil atmosphere and low-lying nature of the Amboseli will offer you a perfect unobstructed view of the animals, which ensures a great game viewing and marvelous photo opportunities.

#4- An Outstanding Masai Mara Game Reserve:
This reserve in Kenya is home to the wildlife spectacle- the Great Wildebeest Migration, which is an unmissable sight in Kenya. A the most varied destination in the country, Mara reserve is one of the best destination to enjoy a memorable Kenya safari experience. This is an ideal spot to discover prides of lions, roaming herds of elephants, rhinos and buffaloes. Mara Reserve is known as the home to all the Big Five and other species of wildlife and bird-life.

#4- Exotic Mombasa:
Mombasa is Kenya’s lively second city, which is considered to a great place for having fun in the sun (before or after your Kenyan safari experience). At its pristine white sandy beaches, you can simply relax and soak up the African sun or indulge in adventurous water sports like snorkeling or scuba diving.

Kenya Safari

If you are planning to have an utmost fun and excitement during your Kenya safari holiday, then it will be wise to rely on a reliable safari tour operator in Africa. As per your requirement and budget, you can book a desired type of Kenya safari holiday package from Paradise Africa Safaris. We are highly experienced and competent enough to organize well planned and guided Kenya safari tours.

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