Top Reasons to Consider Tanzania Wildlife Safaris

Tanzania is widely known as the best safari destination in Africa. Do you want to know why?  Longstanding reputation of political stability has earned Tanzania a nickname “Africa’s Switzerland”. More than 25 percent of Tanzania is preserved as national parks or conservation areas that play a home to diverse wildlife. Apart from this, the East-African country-Tanzania is famous for breathtaking ruins, captivating Swahili culture and enchanting beaches.

On a safari holiday trip in Tanzania, you will be thrilled to watch herds of wildebeests, giraffes and elephant against the backdrop of dense wilderness. Are you thinking what is there in Tanzania for enjoying a holiday trip?

In this post we are going to discuss about some great reasons that will give a clear idea for considering wildlife safari adventures in Tanzania.

Tanzania Wildlife Safaris

#Reason 1- Huge Concentration of Wildlife:
Tanzania has the highest concentration of wildlife in the entire African continent. More than one-third of the country’s land is declared as protected area where Mother Nature is allowed to run free. In this un-spoilt and serene natural ecosystem wide variety of wild animal, birds and various other species are found. Watching or spotting them will prove to be great treat on a well guided Tanzania holiday safari tour.

#Reason 2- Opportunity to Spot the Big 5:
Tanzania boasts of having great populations of lion, black rhino, African elephant and leopard who are considered to be the Big 5. When travelling with kids, the sight of spotting Big 5 will leave them with unique experiences. For the kids it will give a feeling of watching how the animals in the book have come live in front of them.
The Great Migration Event
#Reason 3- The Great Migration Event:

In East Africa, the great Wildebeest Migration is a unique phenomenon that enhances your safari experience. This annual migration event includes the sights of huge number of animals crossing the plains and rivers (in search of food and water), giving birth and completing their annual migration. Witnessing this site in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park will offer an enriching safari experience and prove to be one of the most authentic views.

#Reason 4- Temperate Climate:

It can be found that Tanzania witnesses small seasonal variations, which means that you can always expect the weather to be warm and pleasant throughout the year (except rainy months of April and November). Within 70s – 80s range of temperature, it will be quiet convenient to experience easier and better safari experience.

Tanzania Wildlife Safaris

Whether you are a nature, wildlife/ bird life lover or normal vacation seeker, Tanzanian safaris will help you to experience a unique vacation or holiday trip. Well planned, organized and guided Tanzania wildlife safaris by Paradise Africa Safaris will help you in enjoying a memorable holiday trip with your family or friends. As a most reputable Africa safari tour operator, we specialize in providing wide variety of Tanzania safari holiday packages, which can be tailored as per your requirement and budget.

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