Top 3 Best Destinations To Visit In Africa

The great continent of Africa holds the hidden treasures to reveal to those travel enthusiasts who take enough times to come on a journey of discovery. From the adventurous safaris in Kenya, trekking safaris in Uganda to the stunning natural wonders as well as wildlife of Tanzania, we have some great suggestions for some astonishing must-see places to include in your travel itinerary.

Mount Kilimanjaro
Rising above to the height of 19,340 ft above the plains of the African continent, Kili (Or Mount Kilimanjaro) is the highest free standing mountain across Africa. No doubt, it’s definitely one of the great highlights of any Africa safari tours.

Mount Kilimanjaro

In fact, this mountain is a home to an amazing variety of ecosystems; its arctic summit located above the slopes of the alpine desert, rugged landscapes, a rainforest and even the cultivated agricultural areas. However, the scenery of the mountain peak is breathtaking with huge glaciers forming a heavenly white landscape. To make this an unforgettable escapade for a holiday vacation, the regions surrounding the basement of Mount Kilimanjaro is a home of Africa’s premier wildlife parks, national game reserves, so it’s necessary to know why a visit to Kili is indeed an African ‘must-do’.

Wildebeest Migration, Masai Mara and Serengeti National Parks- Kenya and Tanzania

Is this mass migration the most spectacular natural event throughout the world? The annual, majestic migration of over two million wildebeest, antelope and zebra takes place in the vast, greenish plains of the Masai Mara in Kenya and the Serengeti in Tanzania. The wild species start their majestic migration from the south end of the Serengeti, following the rain and fresh pastures to the northern border of the Kenya, the Mara River, which stands out as the greatest hurdle of the wildebeest migration.

The wildebeest migration is a spontaneous and unpredictable activity, being regulated by climate and rainfall so that the exact date varies from year to year. The best time to get the glimpse of migration in the Masai Mara is from month July to end Octomber, when the animals gather to cross the Mara River to make their way to Kenya.

Wildbest Migration

Bwindi National Park
Many travelers who come on the Africa safari tours must visit Uganda for gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The trekking of mountain gorillas is done in the deep middle of the dense forest, which sometimes offers hard times for travelers, but as an alternative for them to experience natural walks organized in the park.

However, the short nature walk is available for the tourists who are not physically fit and have minimal time to spend on the deeper edges of the dense forest. But no matter whatever your desires, tourists can get unforgettable experiences to witness a wide array of bird species together with the primates like mountain gorillas, monkeys, baboons and many more.

Bwindi National Park

Among all the three picks, what inspires you the most? The wildebeest migration, mountain gorilla trekking, Mount Kilimanjaro climbing? We at Paradise In Africa Safaris will help you discover something very special during your Africa safari tours. So start planning your adventurous journey to Africa withParadise In Africa, Africa safari tour operatorto visit the most beautiful places in Africa!

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